We at Vegannection believe in a future where no soul, human or animal, needs to suffer. We believe in a future where our own existence is not jeopardized by the reckless behaviour towards our precious planet. We believe this future is possible and Vegannection is our small contribution towards a better, healthier and happier world.  

Vegannection, as the world's first 100% vegan payment method, and, moreover, a payment method that has its own loyalty, friendship and charity program, aims to support and cultivate 100% vegan economy thus strengthening the vegan movement worldwide.  

Company VEGANNECTION LTD is a business entity based in London UK, founded on the 7th of November 2018, with the company number: 11664517, inscribed in the Trade register of England and Wales with SIC codes: 96090.  

This contract between Vegannection LTD and the person who uses Vegannection (in the rest of the document – The User), does not serve to establish or form any kind of employment, commercial services between entrepreneurs or professionals, nor any kind of legal entity (it specially doesn’t serve to form a part of any kind of association). The User's contractual capacity is with Vegannection LTD and it only serves to establish the conditions for the participation of The User in Vegannection which is the subject of these General Terms & Conditions for Vegannection users.

The participation of The User in Vegannection is conducted under the exclusive responsibility of each user, hence legally independent of Vegannection LTD.  

General Terms & Conditions for Vegannection users (In the rest of the document ''GTC'') are legally binding.

Accepting GTC, The User acknowledges that he or she has read the entire content of this document in complete understanding and that he or she agrees to adhere to the content of this contract starting from and including the day the User accepts these GTC.

1. Vegannection user can be any legally capable adult or a vegan Non-profit organization.

2. In both cases all that is necessary is to register by filling out the Sign up form.  

2.1 The official Sign up form is filled out online and it can be found on the official Vegannection web page - or by accepting an invitation from a friend. In case of accepting a friend's invitation to Sign up, a person becomes a user as a direct referral of the friend who sent the invitation.

2.2 The User warrants that the information provided to Vegannection is correct and acknowledges that by giving false data on purpose, he or she exonerates Vegannection LTD of any accountability and becomes a subject of penalization under the discretion of Vegannection.

The User also agrees to update, without any undue delay, the personal data given at the time of the registration using the User area.

2.3 In case of a User being a vegan Non-profit organization or a vegan activist, Vegannection LTD obliges to transfer all the money from cashback rewards that User has on its card to the User's bank account in the form of donations. 

2.4 In case of a User being a vegan Non-profit organization or a vegan activist, the authorised signatory who is registering authorises Vegannection to use the brand and name solely for promotional purposes in order to motivate Vegannection's clients to choose the said organization or an activist as their beneficiary. 

2.5 Each physical person or legal entity is permitted to register only once. Multiple registrations with the aim of obtaining, otherwise unattainable membership benefits, gives Vegannection the right to terminate contractual relationship with good cause, thus terminating the User’s Vegannection account/s and doing so revoking any benefits obtained in this manner. In case of multiple registrations, the user accounts last created will be eliminated.  

3. Vegannection, with all its benefits, has absolutely no costs for The User.  

3.1 All details on Vegannection's features can be found in Appendix.  

4. Participation in Vegannection is completely voluntary for The User and is legally independent of Vegannection LTD. The User is not obligated to make recommendations, nor register new affiliates, nor achieve any kind of result. 

4.1 The User's participation in Vegannection constitutes only a contractual relationship between the parties; nothing in any agreement between The User and Vegannection LTD shall render The User an employee, servant, worker, agent, shareholder or partner of Vegannection LTD nor shall any user hold himself out as such.  

4.2 The User is entitled only to Vegannection benefits. The User is not entitled to any remuneration extending above and beyond what is specifically stipulated in this contract. The User is not entitled to the reimbursement of any expenses.  

4.3 The User is not authorized to represent Vegannection nor to act in its name.  

4.4 Should any user wish to recommend Vegannection, he is bound by this contract to use exclusively the official web page -, as well as official Vegannection Facebook page, official Vegannection Twitter account and official Vegannection Instagram account.  

4.5 The User is not entitled to  

a) use logos, writing, trademarks, slogans, domains, other symbols and similar content from Vegannection or Vegannection partner stores nor create or facilitate any confusion or error in
regard to the aforementioned; 

b) create business cards, presentations, videos, audio files, screenshots, web content, media content, flyers, brochures, websites, apps, advertising material, bulk emails, mail screenshots, homepages or any similar media representing or acting in the name of Vegannection LTD or Vegannection partners, to distribute them in written or electronic form or in any other miscellaneous manner nor to make them publicly accessible (e.g. on internet sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube); 

c) receive money or collect funds on behalf of Vegannection. In the event of any breach of this Clause, Vegannection LTD may terminate The User’s contract forthwith and with good cause.  

5. Vegannection provides each User his own personal User's Area at the official Vegannection webpage,, free of charge. Once The User enters his telephone number and PIN number, he can view his account details, the number of his direct referrals, and access extra features such as credit transfer, invite a friend etc.  

6. The User must retain securely and confidentially his access data for his personal User's Area, (user telephone number and PIN number). Under no circumstances must third parties be given access to this information. The User is able to amend his personal settings and information at any time at the official Vegannection webpage –  

7. The User agrees to be obligated to notify Vegannection without delay of any improper use of access of his personal User's Area. Access to The User’s account will be blocked immediately and new access data will be sent to The User by e-mail.  

8. As the party responsible under data protection law, Vegannection LTD collects, stores and processes The User's data, insofar as this is necessary to execute and operate Vegannection as well as calculate the benefits of Vegannection users. By accepting these GTC, The User accepts to voluntarily provide personal information and declares that he agrees with the obtainment, storage and usage of the personal data having the right to access, correct, and edit the data in accordance to the applicable law provisions.  

9. Vegannection LTD uses established security equipment and methods to protect its Users’ data from unauthorized access. The liability of Vegannection LTD for the security of data transmitted on the internet is governed by Clause 8.

10. Nothing in this agreement shall render Vegannection LTD or its subsidiaries, liable for (a) death or personal injury caused by its or their negligence (b) fraud or (c) any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.  

10.1 Subject to Clause 10, Vegannection LTD and its subsidiaries shall not be liable to The User for any loss of profit, anticipated profits, revenues, anticipated savings, goodwill or business opportunity, or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage. 

10.2 Any other damage or loss claim remains excluded, especially in those cases when Vegannection LTD has no liability, responsibility or any kind or guilt, for example, in cases of: 

(a) Interruptions in The User’s internet access availability;  

(b) other technical and electronic errors (i) which may occur during the on-line transmission of data, as well as (ii) during the use of Vegannection internet website, (iii) Vegannection notification services or (iv) Vegannection mobile apps, always when aforementioned errors do not fall under the responsibility nor liability or Vegannection;  

(c) technical and electronic errors not caused by, nor under any kind of responsibility of Vegannection, which impede the register and execution of purchases made under Vegannection friendship plan, especially, any eventual system failures and data loss that consequently may occur;

(d) unavailability and / or inaccessibility of mobile phone service providers, and  

(e) improper functioning of The User’s mobile phone or computer devices  

10.3 Subject to Clause 13, Vegannection LTD and its subsidiaries have no accountability and shall not be liable to The User for the failure for any reason of a Partner to sell or supply the goods or services required by The User.  

11. Any amendments to these GTC communicated to The User in writing and any other contractual agreements between The User and Vegannection LTD are deemed to have been accepted by The User unless The User opposes their validity within thirty days following receipt of the amendment notification.  

12 Words in the singular will include the plural and vice versa. A reference to one gender will include a reference to the other gender as well as to legal entities.  

13. Should any stipulation of these GTC be completely or partially invalid or unfeasible, the validity of the remaining stipulations will not be affected.  

14. This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of United Kingdom. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply.  

15. The parties irrevocably agree that the courts of London, UK shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this agreement or its subject matter or formation, including non-contractual disputes or claims. 




What is Vegannection? 

Vegannection is world’s first vegan loyalty cashback card, that allows you to save your money, save the animals and save the planet.  

Why Vegannection?

To make vegan shopping experience better and more economic, to bring veganism a bit closer to those who are not yet vegan, to further connect vegans, to support 100% vegan businesses and, to make a small difference towards saving the planet.  

What makes Vegannection card eco-friendly?  

The fact the it is virtual means it does not involve the production, shipping and delivery of plastic cards all the while being 100% vegan.  

What makes Vegannection card 100% vegan? 

Considering how Vegannection card can only be used in our partners who are 100% vegan, together with the fact that our clients don’t have an option to withdraw cash nor via ATMs nor via any other way, there is no doubt that Vegannection card is 100% vegan.  

Does Vegannection help the animals in a direct way?  

Vegannection has its own charity program which means that clients are not only using Vegannection for their own benefits and to support veganism but by using it, they are also contributing to the greater cause of helping those who need help the most. 


Where are Vegannection partners? 

Vegannection started with UK partners, more precisely from London. However, we are already working on bringing Vegannection to other countries, both in Europe and other continents.  

Can we, the customers, suggest partners to Vegannection?  

Of course! Every suggestion is welcome. The only condition is that the establishment is 100% vegan and, for now, a physical one (not online).  

Can Vegannection partner be and online store? 

For now, unfortunately not, but soon yes.  

Is there any point in signing up if there are no Vegannection partners in my city?

Absolutely! Especially if you travel to a city where Vegannection has partners, and even if you don't, by motivating us to partner up with 100% vegan establishments in your city as soon as possible.  

What about the cities where there are no 100% vegan establishments? 

It is hard for us to imagine a single city in the world without a fruit store, a florist, etc.  


How much does it cost me to use the Vegannection card?  

The Vegannection card is 100% free. There are no set up fees, no monthly fees, no money transfer fees, no transaction fees and no renewal nor any other fees.  

Do I have to be vegan to have the Vegannection card?  

No you don't. But you can use it to buy only vegan products. 

How can I get my Vegannection card?  

You just need to sign up on our website and you will have your Vegannection card that you will be able to access at any moment in your User area. 

Can I get my Vegannection card regardless of where I live?  

You will be able to get the card everywhere in the world from day one, but it will be possible to use it only in the cities where Vegannection partners are.  

What are the conditions for using Vegannection card?  

You just have to have a mobile telephone number. No proof of income is needed, there is no credit check, nor it is required to have a bank account.  

Can a cardholder be a Non-profit organization?  

Of course! A Non-profit organization can obtain extra monthly income if their followers vegannect with them. That way, the Non-profit organization will get 0,5% of all of their purchases.  


How can I load my Vegannection card?  

You can load your card through an online bank transfer, indicating your mobile phone number in the reference.  

After I load the card, how long before the money is available in my balance?  

UK Faster Payments will normally arrive in your account in less then 3 hours. UK BACS Payments will arrive in your account in 3 business days.  

Where can I find the bank details to make the online bank transfer?  

When in your Profile, just tap or click the 'Load your card' button, and you will see all the information you need to make the transfer.  

Where can I check my card balance?  

In your Profile.  

Can someone else load my card?  

Yes, just give them the bank details you use to make the transfer and tell them to put your mobile phone number in the reference.  

Do I have to have my mobile phone on me to load the Vegannection card?  


Can I get my money back at any moment?  

Yes, in case you no longer want to be a Vegannection user, we will transfer the money you loaded your card with to the bank account you give us. The rewards you gained cannot be withdrawn, only spent in our partners.  


Where can I pay with Vegannection card?  

In all Vegannection partners. 

How do I pay with Vegannection card?  

You just need to give your mobile phone number to the cashier and then read or show the confirmation code that you will receive by SMS.
In case of an online purchase, you just type in your mobile phone number and then the SMS code.

Do I need to have my mobile phone on me to pay with Vegannection card?  

Yes, because to make the payment, you will have to tell the cashier the code you will receive via SMS.  

Do I need to have internet access on my mobile phone in order to use my Vegannection card?

No. You need the internet to check your card balance but not to use it.


What are the benefits Vegannection gives its clients?  

Other than knowing that their purchases are not supporting, in any way, non vegan products and services, Vegannection clients have a 2% cashback reward on ALL of their purchases made with Vegannection card and 0,5% of ALL purchases made by the people they vegannected.

What does it mean to vegannect someone?  

It's when you recommend Vegannection to someone and that person signs up using your referral link or, when someone during the Sign up process enters your email as the email of the person who recommended Vegannection.  

Does having a Vegannection card mean that I have to vegannect someone?  

No, but all your vegannected friends bring you benefits. Every time they buy something with their Vegannection cards, you get 0,5% of those purchases directly into your reward bar with no cost for your vegannected friends.  

What if I want a Vegannection card but no one has recommended it to me?  

Vegannecting to someone is not a condition for having a Vegannection card, it is just an option you may or may not use.  

What if I want to change the person I am vegannected to, or add one if I didn't have it before?

A person you are vegannected to can always be changed. Perhaps, when signing up, you did not have the email of the person who recommended Vegannection to you, or you simply want to change the person you are vegannected to for some other reason. There are no restrictions.

Is using Cashback rewards conditioned in any way?  

There are no spending requirements. No matter where our clients do their shopping and no matter what items they buy or how much money they spend, as long as they do it in our partners, they get their 2% cashback and as soon as they accumulate 5£ in cashback rewards, they can spend them in whatever partner they want, buying whatever they want, whenever they want.  

When will my rewards be available in my card balance?  

As soon as you get 5£ in cashback rewards, it will appear automatically in your card balance.


Can I transfer the credits from my Vegannection card to another Vegannection card?

Yes you can. You can access this feature in your User area.  

How much does it cost to transfer credits between Vegannection cards?  

It is free.  

How long does it take to make the transfer?  

It is instantaneous.


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