As much as it is really great to see big brands offering vegan products, at the same time it means that a large number of consumers is choosing them over 100% Vegan establishments which makes it even more difficult for 100% Vegan businesses to survive on the market. We know because we have experienced it firsthand.

We created Vegannection to support the Vegan businesses, to reward the people for making the decision to shop at Vegan stores and to give them enough reasons to do it on a regular basis.

All our services, the Payment gateway, the Loyalty program, Marketing support and the E-commerce solution, they all come with no set up fees, no monthly fees, no maintenance fees and no fixed term contract , which means that, for our partners, there is no risk at all.

We only charge 5% commission when someone uses a Vegannection card. 2% of that goes as cashback to the clients, 0.5% goes to the vegan causes and we use the 2.5% to cover all the services that we provide.

So, if you have a 100% Vegan business, we invite you to join our ever growing family of partners and:

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