We at Vegannection believe in a future where no soul, human or animal, needs to suffer. We believe in a future where our own existence is not jeopardized by the reckless behaviour towards our precious planet. We believe this future is possible and Vegannection is our small contribution towards a better, healthier and happier world. 

Our mission is to support vegan economy and help vegan causes such as Animal Shelters, Sanctuaries, Rescues, as well as vegan activists.

We have made possible for you to help a vegan cause without having to spend any extra money.

All you have to do is choose the Non-profit organization or a vegan activist you want to support as your beneficiary and after that we will donate them 0.5% of EVERYTHING you purchase. 

If 0,5% doesn’t sound like much, just think about the fact that if only 1000 people choose the same cause, and they spend, on average, just £100 a month (an average person in UK spends around £300), this would mean a guaranteed £500 each month for the selected cause.

Needless to say, the more people get on board and the more they spend, the more money the cause will have.

For example, if 10 000 people support the same cause, it means £5 000 a month, and if they spend a UK average of £300 a month, that would mean £15 000 a month or £180 000 a year.

You can choose the beneficiary when signing up or at any later time in your Profile settings and also change it whenever you wish to.

If the organization or the activist you want to support is not on our list, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to get them on board.  

If you are a part of such an organization or a vegan activist, and would like to be a part of our Charity Program, please click on this link.


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